Engagement of SMEs with UKCES Project

9th January, 2015

UKCES funded Human Centred Management Project

To compete in increasingly competitive and global markets, food and drink companies need to get more from their people. A behavioural (people-centred) approach will allow business to capitalise on existing human & social capital and to tap into new talent that will increase competitiveness and drive innovation.

The project will be business-led and action orientated. It will leverage innovative research methods that bring businesses and academics together to tackle pressing problems in the food and drink sector.

Expected Benefits

  • Maximising performance including improved decision making, efficiency and creativity.
  • Improving communication through stronger collaboration between teams and departments.
  • Improving supply chain effectiveness.
  • Improved working between different generations.


A behavioural framework will be produced that will guide businesses beyond the project.


  • University of Chester – Professor Graham Bonwick: research and governance.
  • pixelfountain: project management and expertise in behavioural approaches and delivery.
  • Businesses: Marks & Spencer, AB World Foods and SMEs drawn from: Artisan Foods Network, Craft Brewing Network and Future Food Network.

We are keen to engage SME’s connected with NoWFOOD to attend the project steering meeting on the 15th January at 11:00 in the NoWFOOD Centre.

Please emails a.crane@chester.ac.uk if you wish to attend.