Welcome to our events page:
Here you can find information on all our upcoming events that are happening in the NoWFOOD Centre.

For events that are chargeable, often there will be two charges. These are explained below –

Eligible Business

An eligible business is a business that is eligible for ERDF support through the NoWFOOD Centre. This involves taking into account a number of factors such as geographical location, turnover and number of employees.

Most businesses who deal with NoWFOOD will be aware of their eligibility status.

Non-Eligible Business

Non-eligible businesses are typically businesses that are maybe large companiesĀ or those who do not meet the criteria for ERDF support through NoWFOOD.

If you are unsure as to your eligibility status please contact NoWFOOD and ask to speak to one of our Support Coordinators, Adam or Peter.

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