Food microbiology & shelf life evaluation

The shelf life is a crucial element of any food product. It is part of the development of a product and needs to be carefully considered. The determination of product shelf life is done by a shelf-life test. Here at the NoWFOOD centre we want to make sure that you understand how the test is conducted and explain the processes involved. We want you to be part of this process from the beginning to the end. We will take the time to explain the results to you and ensure that no questions remain unanswered.

At the NoWFOOD centre, we are able to investigate the possible shelf-life of your product as well as looking into the microbiological safety and stability. The result will determine the basic shelf-life of your product. Our specialist food technologists are able to provide you with information regarding additional interventions in order to extend your shelf life, if required.

In combination with our state of the art Rheology laboratory and high end microscope, we are able to perform additional investigations such as texture analyses, or viscosity and shear stability tests. These tests can identify possible issues which relate to the quality and stability of your product that can impact on shelf-life.

The main factors impacting on shelf life are time, temperature and conditions of storage. We are able to alter the conditions and investigate any changes of those factors, to ensure product safety. If required, we are able to simulate extreme conditions of storage and examine the impact on your product. This can be extremely helpful to ensure the consumer safety and product quality if exporting to warmer countries.