Hot Desk Facilities

The NoWFOOD Centre’s hot-desking area offers visitors a spacious, work-friendly environment, in which they will be free to make use of the computer and laptops available or to use their own laptops. Six open work stations are available to be used, offering a generous space to work and function. Safe storage for laptops and other such valuables are present within the hot desk room, meaning they can be left in the room in the knowledge that they will be safe and secure. This is guarantee of security is a valuable asset to anyone wishing to use the hot-desking area for a prolonged period of time, as they have the ability to leave their valuables, like laptops, and return back to them later.

The hot desk room is fully accessible in regards to Wi-Fi, with all the Wi-Fi information available in the room. This also includes Wi-Fi printing which is available to all who use this area. The printer is also located within the hot desk room, making it easily reachable and quicker to use. The printer is also a fully functioning scanner and photocopier making performing office tasks like scanning easier and more viable.

A telephone is also available in the hot-desking space, this means visitors can simply ring reception with any queries or needs that they might have, rather than having to physical go down and ask. The hot desk room is the perfect place to work in, it is quiet and secluded as well being spacious with room for six people. It is an idyllic work place for people to operate and will be a valuable resource for any businesses looking to use the NoWFOOD centre.