Production & Development Kitchens

Developing your product can often be the most exciting part of any food production journey. NoWFOOD provides the best possible facilities in order to maximise your productivity and development efficiency.

By using our state of the art facilities you will be on the road to success in no time.

The NoWFOOD Centre has two main kitchen areas.

The main production kitchen is the larger of the two and is a well-lit commercially viable catering production kitchen that boasts a plethora high end commercial equipment.

The main production kitchen is accompanied by a smaller product development kitchen which is a scaled down version of the large kitchen space.

Although these two kitchen spaces are separated, they can be opened to create one large space by the use of a retractable separating wall.

The main production kitchen has the added bonus of a spacious dry store and walk in refrigerator.
We are lucky enough to count 3 Rationale ovens and a Blast Chiller/Freezer system that is available for your use.

Pricing for our kitchen space can vary dependent on your exact needs. All prices are including VAT.

Kitchen Prices

Kitchen Type£/Hour£/Day£/Week
1 working station for 2 persons in allocated kitchen.

(You will be allocated a space related to the equipment you need. However, the decision which space you will be allocated will be decided by the NoWFOOD staff. You also need to be aware that there is a possibility that you will share the facilities with other companies at the same time.
Sensory kitchen for 3 persons

(The sensory kitchen can be only booked, when not in use for sensory work, as this will have priority)

Unlike our production kitchens, the sensory kitchen is only used by one business at a time.
Food Product Development kitchen for 3 persons

(You will have exclusive rights to this kitchen and nobody, except the NoWFOOD staff will have access to the kitchen during your hire.)
Exclusive use of the production kitchen.

(You will have exclusive rights to this kitchen and nobody, except the NoWFOOD staff will have access to the kitchen during your hire.)


These are the current prices for the NoWFOOD kitchens.

A start up business and businesses with low turnover could receive 25% discount. Please speak to a member of the team for further information.

Please note that these prices are subject to change.


An example of some of the equipment we have at our disposal can be found below. Please note this list is not exhaustive.


  • Hobart Mixer Hobart A120
  • Hobart Mixer Hobart N50
  • Scales Adam GBK 32
  • Scales Adam PGW 6002e
  • Fridge Walk in Fridge
  • Freezer Williams Freezer
  • Blast Freezer (Chiller) Willaims Blast Freezer
  • Combination Oven Rational Self Cooking Centre
  • Boiling Gas Pan Mareno Boiling Gas Pan
  • Brat Pan Mareno Brat Pan
  • Gas Hob Mareno Gas Hob
  • Tray Heat Sealer (MAP) Packaging Automation Eclipse R
  • Vegetable cutter Hobart VPU 100
  • Vegetable cutter Robot Coupe CL 50
  • Mixer Robot Coupe R502 V.V.
  • Juicer Robot Coupe J 80 Ultra
  • Juicer Santos IPX 3
  • Handblender Robot Coupe MP 550 Ultra
  • Handblender Robot Coupe MP 350 Ultra
  • Sous Vide Instanta SVV18
  • Blender Hobart SB-4l-2
  • Vacuum Paker Sammic
  • Grill Tipo Type A1
  • Deep Fryer Lincat IP21-P
  • Dishwasher Comenda XLC CRC
  • Mircowave Menumaster Commercial
  • pH Meter Jenway 3510pH Meter
  • Mixer Vollrath Mixer
  • Refractometer Mettler Toledo Refracto 30GS
  • Stephan Stainless Steel High Pressure Steam Heated Cooking Vessel
  • Free-standing Silverson High Shear Mixer